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Through projects that focus on nutrition, nutrition education and physical activity, Southern Lodestar Foundation have partnered with the Pondo Trail Run to support individuals to reach their full potential and inspire them to create positive change in their communities.

Southern Lodestar’s Breakfast Program sets out to address nutrient deficiency and malnutrition. The program partners with creches and schools to provide a nutrient-rich breakfast porridge to their children. The Foundation also provide nutrition education for cooks and educators, helping them improve the quality of food provided for the learners.

Together, Southern Lodestar Foundation and Pondo Trail identified the Ndengane Primary School in Ndengane as a Breakfast Program Partner.

Southern Lodestar aims to provide creches and primary schools with the food, and nutritional education they need to ensure their children can grow and thrive.

Through various challenges created along the route, runners are challenged to push themselves harder and further in order to harvest points along the way and ultimately assist and support Southern Loadstar Foundation in feeding kids at Ndengane Primary School.