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Base Camp Trails

Perfect for younger families or those wanting to “plant a seed” for their holidays.

Allow us to tailor an adventure for you based out of one of our private Pondo Beach Camps, incorporating clover-leaf adventures and fully exploring what each area has to offer.


An amazing holiday…. hiking, learning how to crayfish and collect oysters, drinking utshwala in a local shebeen, enjoying a traditional Pondo meal, finding guava-land, eating crayfish on the beach and tasting sea urchin…. Just a few of the many incredible experiencesCarol Dreyer

Corporate Getaways

An old, wise chief once offered his advice to a young man working tirelessly,” In order to chop your wood better son, you should stop, rest and lola imbazo (sharpen your axe)’. To which he replied, “I don’t have the time Tata”.

Now more than ever before, businesses need to Lola Imbazo. To re-think strategy and identify and implement change. To move away from thinking ‘survival’ and move towards thinking ‘opportunity’.

How better to do this than to strip away the clutter of the urban, digital world and immerse yourselves in an environment where wide open spaces and the luxury of silence can provide clarity.

Allow us to tailor-make and adventure specifically for your team.