Having led the first ever barefoot expedition to the top of Kilimanjaro, you may or may NOT want Matt to guide you to the top of Africa’s highest mountain.

Thankfully the barefoot phase is now firmly out of Matt’s system and our Kilimanjaro trips are now slightly more conventional. They do however still subscribe to the Wild Child Africa way and we like to do them differently. We like to stay away from the more popular routes on the mountain and like to be in control of what we do, where we stay and how we do things. We provide all our own tented accommodation and do all our own catering on the mountain. This allows us to build a sound strategy for each group depending on physical capabilities, group size and ultimate objectives. Its always better to be master of your own destiny! Where the safety of the group is always number one priority, having fun is not negotiable and our on-the-mountain attitude is the envy of many passing crews.

We are able to combine our Kilimanjaro expeditions with some of Eastern and Central Africa’s bucket list activities:

  • Trekking with the Gorillas in Uganda and DRC
  • Serengeti migration
  • Masa Mara
  • Zanzibar
  • Dar es Salaam

I would do Kili again

Matt you outdid yourself once again! As hard as it was, I would do Kili again in a flash!

Karen Heimberg,

Santa Barbara

Begs a repeat

In the last weeks we have often browsed through the pics you have taken during our adventure with you. This will stay with us for a long time, and begs a repeat.
Many thanks.

Ton & Rita Wielers,


Perfect in every way

Thanks again for a simply incredible adventure to the top of Africa, as was mentioned many times, perfect in every way.

Nancy Polsky,


Didn't want to leave

I actually got teary when we left the park gate and got on the bus and knew it was over.

Helen Curhan,


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