Kosi Turtle Experience

Our passion for wildest Africa has led us on a search for pristine, remote, and authentic experiences. To pioneer areas unchartered by others. The Pondo Trail has taught us many things, but perhaps none more evident than the passion we all share for true wilderness and natural luxury. Immerse yourself in these remarkable places while we create a series of defining moments that will leave a mark on your soul and ignite your passion for our incredible country.

The loyalty and friendships that have been forged between guests and us over the past few years has inspired us to push further in our search for new paths that offer the same fundamental themes: Wild – Remote – Authentic – Adventure

So, what’s next? – Please see our brochure for an early glimpse of our newest, exciting product! We still have plenty of gaps for the nesting season at the end of 2024 and October / November 2023, but availability is already quite limited for the hatching season (Jan-March 2024). Please contact Candice at info@wildchildafrica.com if you would like to make a booking or if you would like to find out more about our new Kosi Experience.