Route Info

Aid Stations and support

Aid stations will be stocked with the usual water, coke, juice, fruit, potatoes, sweets and chocolates as well as Toots legendary home baked treats and other surprises along the way. Basic self-help medical kits will be available at these stations.

Ultra Aid Stations located at at 25km, 41km, 59km, 77km, 91km, 96km

Medical support and safety

We will have a medical team on standby during each day. All emergency procedures will be briefed in at race briefing. Please ensure you have all your compulsory equipment and know how to use it.

River safety:
There are numerous river crossings on the route. These rivers vary hugely from year to year, month to month and even daily, depending on rainfall, sea conditions and tides. Although canoes will be positioned at the large river crossing, all runners must be able to swim at least 50m unaided.

This is a team event. Teams must remain within eye contact of one another at all times. Teams must start, finish and stay together throughout the event. Should one teammate have to withdraw due to injury, the second teammate may continue, but MUST join another team and inform the race officials of this. Any runner finishing alone will be liable for disqualification subject to the race director’s decision.

Race bibs must be pinned on the front of your body and must be visible at all times.