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Wild Child Africa – An adventure tourism company, providing privately-guided, tailor made adventures for tourists, expeditions and corporate groups in search of the paths less traveled.

Be Wild, Be Free


Pondoland boasts 111 km of the most undeveloped and untouched coastline left on South African shores. This pristine centre of endemism is home to several endangered species and hosts one of the largest concentrations of marine mammals on earth. It is our belief that the only sustainable way to preserve this fragile environment is to uplift the local communities through high-end, low impact tourism. Our flagship Pondo Trail, together with THE PONDO trail-run and Pondo Beach Camps, provide the framework around which our preservation plan for Pondoland has been built.

The Pondo Trail®

This is an exclusive, high-end adventure trail with low environmental impact, and showcases the history, geography and culture of the area and the very best that Pondoland has to offer.

The PONDO Trail-Run

South Africa’s premium trail-run entirely dedicated to the conservation and preservation of this coastline! 103km covered in both a 3-day staged format or 1-day Ultra event.

Pondo Beach Camps

Pondo Beach Eco-camps in 4 idyllic locations along this pristine coastline in partnership with the local communities, creating employment and community benefit.

simply spectacular

Our trip with Wild Child Africa was simply spectacular! This was truly one of my favorite getaways ever. It was perfect in every way!



family trip

Every detail, every experience you prepared for us helped us understand, appreciate and fall in love with your Wild Coast. Though your efforts seemed effortless, I can tell how much passion and care you put into our families trip.

Brian Heimberg,

Santa Barbara

hiking in the remotest Transkei

We will never forget finishing a long day of hiking in the remotest Transkei, with ice cold G & T’s and oysters on the water’s edge, watching the sun going down together with our friends.



Wild Coast

The team are back safely from Africa, but I have left a small piece of my heart on the Wild Coast

Jim Ratcliffe – Ineos Group,


family time

It was quality family time from the get go…no screens, TV, online chat…just brilliant nature at its best. God bless


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Let the coastline be your compass

The PONDO Trail-Run 19 – 22 May 2022

Port Edward to Port St John’s – Along the Wild Coast
It’s always time for a new adventure! Contact us today and be a part of it!