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``You will see while we help you to understand;
you will listen while we help you to hear; you will touch while we help you to feel.``

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2024 sold out

The Pondo Trail® is proudly and exclusively owned by Wild Child Africa. It’s worth waiting for.

Bookings now open for 2025

Anyone can hike the Transkei Coast – What defines us is the Wild Child Experience. From the magnificent 311km Wild Coast, we have carefully and purposefully chosen our Pondo Trail® as the canvas upon which we create a series of unique experiences and memorable moments.

Through our knowledge, passion and love of this area, we will enrich your time with visits to secret waterfalls, or point out a rare Orchid in seasonal flower. It’s a privilege to highlight aspects of the vibrant Mpondo culture and history and enthral you with many wonderful tales of adventure, shipwrecks and survival and how they have shaped this coastline. The unique microclimate presents countless opportunities to observe and appreciate the many endemic plants, animals and birds that occur in this area. The Wild Coast moves at its own pace and on our trails we take the time to appreciate her mystical charms and natural wonders. Our time is governed by the tides and when the ocean allows, we harvest breakfast oysters or dive for crayfish to put over the coals of a lunch time braai under the Milkwoods.

The Trail is professionally guided to ensure the safety of the group, but of equal importance, to ensure that no stone is left unturned along the way and that you experience all that each day has to offer.

The Pondo Trail® is not a hike; it’s a journey, an experience, an adventure.

This unique coastline is too fragile to sustain high density tourism. Therefore, we have created an exclusive, high-end product with a low environmental impact. Our 4-night trail is fully catered and supported, allowing guests the freedom to ‘travel light’ and embrace their surroundings. Behind the scenes, our ground crew will transport your luggage to each overnight stop and to make sure the Champagne is chilled and the fire is dancing upon your arrival.

You can hike the Transkei, or, you can experience it the Wild Child Way. May the fortunate few who grace the Pondo shores with us leave enlightened and inspired…..